Off the Record

Gogogo by Penny & Sparrow

Listen HERE   

One word:        

1). Again, not a word this time, but this song feels like the faded polaroid you keep in your wallet of the love of your life. 

Two favorite moments:        

1). The harmonies throughout this song send CHILLS down my spine. 

2). This entire feeling that comes over with the lines "We can be a kind of music you get better on 
Therapeutic, wait a minute, we're inside a song"

Three Thoughts:        

1). How genius do you have to be do rhyme lackadaisical with our days are so full? Like...

2). I am personally begging you to go on tour @pennyandsparrow.  

3). Favorite lyric: "Although we recommend/Take off & love having sun on your bare skin." I can feel this line like sunshine.