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A Testing Best New Find 


Listen HERE

One word:     

anagapesis - loss of feelings for someone who was formerly loved ; falling out of love. 

Two favorite moments:     

1). The hook is golden in this track!   

2). The breakdown of the chorus after the bridge adds a nice dynamic to the song.  

Three Thoughts:     

1). We love the honesty of Georgia Webster's lyrics. They are extremely relatable.  

2). We first started listening to Webster after hearing her clips on Tik Tok. She just signed to Sony Music Nashville - congrats Georgia!

3). Favorite lyric: "I don't want to lose feelings for you / but when you try so hard, it's hard not to"


Off the Record 

"Butterfly - Acoustic" by UMI

Listen HERE

One word:  

ruminative - expressing or involving deep thought.

Two favorite moments:  

UMI's vocals sound exquisite and as silky as butterfly wings & The melody of the second chorus and last note of the song are so beautiful. 

Three Thoughts:  

1). A few times during the song you can here a little "hm" that almost sounds like a smile or sigh or relief. It's little, but adds a lot to the delivery and meaning of the lyrics. 

2). Favorite lyric of the song: 

"I just want to make you smile

 but I know that'll take a while 

'cause I'm trying to find myself"

 3). Can't get enough of this stripped down version, but the original is also gorgeous.